Brandon Renfroe – A Teacher’s Lasting Legacy

Brandon Renfroe – A Teachers Lasting Legacy 7 P’s of Effective Teaching Purity Purpose Preparation Passion Plainness Patience Prayer   “Trying to win souls without prayer is trying to do God’s work without God’s help.” —Wendell Winkler

Brandon Renfroe – Using Questions in Evangelism

Brandon Renfroe – Using Questions in Evangelism “Make a few good arguments and keep pressing them. Keep in mind that the truth is like metal; the more you polish it, the better it shines.” (NBH, 385) “In Christ” All spiritual blessings (Ephesians 1:3) Romans 3:24—redemption 1 Corinthians 1:2—sanctification 2 Corinthians 5:17—new creature Ephesians 1:7—forgiveness 2 Timothy 2:1—grace 2 Timothy 2:10—salvation

Brandon Renfroe – The Questions of Christ (A Study of the Master’s Methods)

Brandon Renfroe – The Questions of Christ The General Formula A Question by Jesus to Stimulate Thought An Initial Response by the Hearers A Deeper Application by Christ   “If a man wishes to teach people about things which they do not understand, he must begin from things which they do understand.” —William Barclay, Matthew, Vol. 2, p. 55   …

Brandon Renfroe – The Red Lens

Brandon Renfroe – The Red Lens Red-Lens Qualities Well-versed in the truth Had an eye for potential Bold Discreet Wise Willing to initiate a religious discussion Could apply the text of the Old Testament Realized OT prophecy centered in Christ Knew what “preaching Jesus” involved Prepared to share the gospel at a moment’s notice

Brandon Renfroe – John’s Glorious Gospel

Brandon Renfroe – Johns Glorious Gospel A Gospel of Details 1:39: It was about the tenth hour 4:6: It was about the sixth hour 4:52: At the seventh hour the fever left him 19:14: It was about the sixth hour   T – turning water into wine H – healing the nobleman’s son E – elevating the lame man   S – supper for 5000 I – interim …