Brandon Renfroe – The Questions of Christ (A Study of the Master’s Methods)

Brandon Renfroe – The Questions of Christ

The General Formula

  1. A Question by Jesus to Stimulate Thought
  2. An Initial Response by the Hearers
  3. A Deeper Application by Christ


“If a man wishes to teach people about things which they do not understand, he must begin from things which they do understand.”

—William Barclay, Matthew, Vol. 2, p. 55


“Jesus never stimulated reflective discussion for its own sake. There was always a definite point to be made.”

—Stephen G. Fortosis, “Can Questioning Make Religious Educators More Effective In The Classroom?” p. 93


 How Many Questions Did Christ Ask?

225 different questions, 304 total 

  • Matthew—90
  • Mark—67
  • Luke—96
  • John—51

—Roy B. Zuck, Teaching as Jesus Taught, p. 237-239.